About the Platform

Why participation and why local actors and civil society?

The Danube Strategy was established under the impression and impact of the new place-based approach with a strong emphasis on local and regional potential and actors, as well as on the participation of civil society. This requires, among other things:

  • strengthened local and regional institutions that are able to assess, develop and exploit the local social and economic assets and resources;
  • solid participative and transparent processes which can mobilize and provide  active involvement of bottom-up stakeholders, such as local and regional authorities, academia, private sectors and civil society.

To achieve these aims, the EUSDR follows a top-down co-ordination mechanism which is meant to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of local regional and national governance structure and territorial co-operations. This means that the decision-making (policy-formulation) and the implementation process are mainly driven by the European Commission and participating states (at national executive level). At the same time, this does not mean that other actors, such as bottom-up stakeholders, are excluded from the strategy, but these stakeholders do not have institutionalised platforms for participation.

A tool for information and communication

This website is meant to offer a tool for information and communication to enable participation in the Danube Strategy on all levels.

This electronic platform enables all kinds of local and regional stakeholders, private, public or non-profit to interact with each other and with institutions established to implement the EUSDR.

This website offers information on the community of stakeholders, the 11 Priority Areas (PAs) and their Coordinators (PACs), the National Contact Points (NCPs) in the participating countries. You will be guided to information on projects to all kinds of networks established in relation to the EUSDR as well as to a calendar of events.

Open and inclusive

The website was created as a service tool by the Danube Civil Society Forum (DCSF), Foster Europe Foundation and the PA 10 of the EUSDR. This includes the creation and the maintenance of the platform. The platform is open and accessible for all stakeholders of the EUSDR. Its aim is to include all sectors and all level of actors and the people interested in the EUSDR and its aims.

The website is highly dependent on the input and the participation of the constituency of the EUSDR, it was designed for.

You are invited

You are invited to bring your expresses and competence, share your information, your visions and dreams. Open up debates with likeminded or counterparts, form groups or look out for partners and projects.