Danube Cultural Clusters

General aims of the Cluster are:

  • to fulfil the desire of cultural players in the Danube region to increase the number of quality cooperations
  • to establish the „Danube” as a quality cultural brand, to strengthen the Danube community and identity through more dialogue between the different players
  • to create a platform that serves as a permanent room for strategic policy exchange on cultural matters in the Danube area based on policy priorities both from policy/administration side as well as from the side of the NGOs mixing in a new approach top-down and bottom-up initiatives in order to best support the attractiveness and innovation potential of the Danube Region (see also: TAF-DRP application)
  • to fight for a so-called „small project fund” for joint contemporary cultural projects in the Danube region
  • to fulfil the action plan of the EUDRS and the targets of Priority Area 3 (Culture and Tourism)

Activities of the Cluster are:

  • Danube Lounge
  • Donaubootschafen
  • Drops of the Danube
  • KulturKanal
  • Danube Culture Dialog

The network and the partners of the Cluster

Until now the following institutions and organisations are willing to become official members of the association:

  • Europäische Donau-Akademie, Ulm (DE) www.donauakademie.eu
  • Donumenta e.V., Regensburg (DE) www.donumenta.de
  • Kultur Kontakt Austria, Vienna (DE) www.kulturkontakt.or.at
  • Duna Múzeum, Esztergom (HU) www.dunamuzeum.hu
  • The Bridgeguard Artist and Science Residency Programme, Stúrovo (SK) www.bridgeguard.org
  • Mindspace, Budapest (HU) www.mindspace.hu
  • Balkankult Foundation, Krusedol (RS) www.balkankult.org
  • The Red House of Debate and Culture (BG) www.redhouse-sofia.org

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