Targets of the PA 07

The Communication on European Union Strategy for the Danube Region (Document COM(2010) 715, 8 December 2010) features foru exemplary targets for EUSDR Priority area 7. The Priority Area 7 Steering Group amended these targets by adding one more, so that the final wordings of targets for EUSDR Priority Area 7 - Konwledge Society are as follows:

·        To invest 3% of GDP in Research and Development by 2020;
·        Broadband access for all EU citizens in the Region by 2013;
·        Increase the number of patents obtained in the Region by 50%;
·        Greater share of EU population age 30-34 with tertiary education – aiming towards 40% by 2020;
·        To reach 20% of academic mobility by 2020.