Bel Art Gallery

BelArtGallery was founded in 1994 in Novi Sad, Serbia ( Since then it has constantly and sistematically been focused  on presenting and promoting contemporary Serbian artists  locally and internationally. We have organized numerous exhibitions, art events, workshops and symposiums aiming to present and cherish authentic artistic values  and encourage talented young artists. Important part of our activities is devoted to  art books and catalogues publication. We are communicating with art connesseurs, collectioners, artists  art historians and critics and all those who see art as inevitable part of human living. Since we understand art as communication, our special attention is payed to  international exchange and cooperation  as the best  way of promoting tolerance and intercultural understanding. The gallery collaborates with a large number of institutions and galleries in the country and abroad. Our latest project  is Danube dialoguescontemporary art festival  started as pilot project in 2011. New edition gathers more than 100 artists and curators from 14 countries of the Danube macro region(

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