BuKi - Hilfe für Kinder in Osteuropa e.V.

BuKi is a private initiative located in Bad Saulgau/Southern Germany which operates a care centre for Roma children in Cidreag, a community of  1200 inhabitants near Satu Mare in the northwest of Romania.

I. The BuKi House

Learning as a basis of a sustainable development. In January 2011, we started with the care of children at primary school age. Approx. 25 Roma children come to our BuKi House every day. They get breakfast in the morning, take their school supplies which are deposited in the BuKi House, go to school, return to the BuKi House in the afternoon to get lunch and afterwards educational support.  The children love the BuKi house, they go there voluntarily and most of them also regularly.

In our BuKi House we employ six Romanians of Roma and Hungarian descent on an hourly basis who take care of the children and the daily processes in the centre.

BuKi supports and challenges, as children are only allowed to the BuKi house if they go to school.

II. The BuKi House is more than alphabetisation

The social deficits of the children are so serious that these kids are not accepted outside their community, they are rejected and discriminated. BuKi looks after a regular daily routine, the nutrition and the health of the children. Six out of 25 kids come out of desolate familiar conditions. They are washed and supplied with fresh clothing in the BuKi House twice a week.

BuKi builds a bridge between Roma children and their social environment. We mitigate their social defecits and therefore enable them to be accepted in school and to get integrated into the Romanian society.

BuKi - Hilfe für Kinder in Osteuropa e.V.
Pfarrstraße 15
88348 Bad Saulgau

+49 (0)7581-527796

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