Cross-Border eCooperation in the Danube Region

The objective of the LivingLab is to develop a multi-disciplinary research and testing platform concentrating on the immediate environment from the user point of view. Research activities include developing design-on-demand, mass-customization and co-configuration solutions for generating individual domestic environments. Furthermore, the challenge is to create an operational model of cooperation between companies, government agencies, and universities. The LivingLab is open to participate in an international network of several corresponding laboratories in order to better support the European diversity.

Participation in the “eLivingLab” is open to organizations in the neighboring countries creating an emerging eRegion. The universities network “eBusiness ALADIN” – ALpe ADria INitiative of the Universities of Corvinus Budapest, Hungary; Karl-Franzens Graz, Austria; Košice, Slovakia; Maribor, Slovenia; BW München, Germany; Novi Sad, Serbia & Montenegro; Prague, Czech Republic; Rijeka, Croatia; and Trieste, Italy.

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