PA 08: Competitiveness

Priority Area 08 “To support the competitiveness of enterprises” is coordinated by the Land Baden-Württemberg (Germany) and Croatia with the involvement of a wide network of key players.

  • WG 1 - Innovation and Technology Transfer
  • WG 2 - Cluster of Excellence
  • WG 3 - Vocational Training
  • WG 4 - Entrepreneurial Learning
  • WG 5 - Competitiveness in Rural and Urban Areas
  • WG 6 - Environmental Technology and Energy Efficiency

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Contact/ Priority Area Coordinators:

Germany (Baden-Württemberg) 
Wirtschaftsministerium Baden-Württemberg Grundsatz und Außenwirtschaft 
Mr Dr Hans Peter Herdlitschka
phone: +49-711-123-2413

Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship      
Mrs Dragica Karaić
phone: +385 1 610 68 12
fax: +385 1 610 91 14
fax: +49-711-123-2250

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