6th Danube Participation Day, 2019 [ Youth – Participation – Empowerment ]

Thank you very much for your interest to join the 6th Danube Participation Day in Bucharest 2019.

Due to the overwhelming echo from the Danube community -which we are very grateful for- we had been forced to open a waiting list. We can only accept further registrations, if we receive any cancelations from already registered participants. We regret very much that not all interested will have the possibility to join the 6th Danube Participation Day. Nevertheless we cannot accept registrations that go beyond the capacity of the venue.

We will keep updating our website and publish all available reports online after the event.

We thank for your understanding.


Please save the date and join the next Danube Participation Day organised by the PA 10 Institutional Capacity and Cooperation, Danube Civil Society Forum, Transylvania Social NGO Federation, Sustainable Development Group Constanţa coming up in June in Bukarest, Romania.

The 6th Danube Participation Day will be held one day before the 8th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region. 

Detailed information on the event will be accessible in the beginning of 2019. Please follow us here or on social media for most recent information.