Youth – Participation - Empowerment

6th Danube Participation Day

26 June 2019, Nicolae Balcescu Hall, Parliament Palace, Bucharest, Romania

09:00 Opening

09:15 Welcome notes
Official welcome and introduction (5 minutes each)
- Radu Gorincioi, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Romania

- Friedlinde Gurr-Hirsch, State Secretary in the Ministry for Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection, Baden-Württemberg

- Liliana Gusu, Agapedia Romania/DCSF

- Claudia Singer, EUSDR PA 10 Institutional Capacity & Cooperation, Austria

- Stefan Barth: Agapedia, Germany

09:45 Keynotes
1st Keynote The youth perspective on challenges of young people in Romania, Ruxandra Oprică
2nd Keynote Youth in South East Europe 2018/2019, Miran Lavrič, University Maribor


10:30 Let’s go into the matters: How to structure the issue; How to structure the Day
Presentation of 6th DPD rational, the thematic priorities and structural challenges to be addressed in the two World Café sessions (Moderation: Iryna Gumenchuk, Stefan Lütgenau)
World Café is made of two sessions lasting for 60 minutes each. Each session will have several thematic tables. Each table will have a moderator and a rapporteur taking note of the main results and inputs.

11:00 World Café 1st session
The first, thematic session will debate the issues of youth/youth participation/empowerment to participation in the Danube Region at following tables:
 Environment & Sustainability
 Employability & Education
 Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship
 Connectivity & Digitalisation (Social Media, Communication, Information flow and exchange,

12:00 light Lunch

13:00 World Café, 2nd session
The 2nd session of the world café reflects on the main structural topics/challenges of participation in the EUSDR and the Danube region. Participants will explore structural needs for enhanced and broadened participation in the run to the 7th DPD in Croatia addressing the rejuvenation of the strategy. The session will have the following thematic tables:
 Financing
 Information (to and from decision makers)
 structural participation (involvement of CS in EUSDR bodies)
 safeguarding DPD/NPDs future
 reducing red tape (in cross border cooperation)

14:00 Interactive Market Place
The interactive market place is another participative feature to ensure full active integration of participants in the program and on goings. Participants have the opportunity to present projects, project ideas, form groups dedicated to various issues and aims related to youth-participation and empowerment.

16:00 Wrap-up Session
Discussion of the main results from the World Café.

17:00 Closing Session
Presentation of message to the Annual Forum. Passing the Bell, Farewell
End 17:30

18:00 Reception by the Ministry of Regional Development (on invitation by the Presidency)

The 6th Danube Participation Day is grateful for the support granted by the Romanian Presidency of the EUSDR and the Romanian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration and the Project Danube Youth Participation 2019-2020
**Program might be subject to change**