7th Danube Participation Day

On behalf of all organizers and partners Thank you! It has been an honour to have you present in our event. We hope you enjoyed the experience. We collected and posted short reports and presentations from the 7th Danube Participation Day for you here.

We look forward to meeting you in Bratislava 2021!

The main themes of the Slovak EUSDR Presidency are (among others) climate change and protection ofbiodiversity & digitalization and innovation ecosystems. The 8th Danube Participation Day will concentrate on links between digitalization and participation and on the challenges coming out of digitalisation in our societies.

One of the priorities of the 8thDanube Participation Day in 2021 and the Slovak Presidency 2021 is an even stronger active engagement of the youth. This year we have the possibility of having a Youth Event related to the next annual forum.

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We gladly announce that the 7th Danube Participation Day will take place ONLINE on 21 October 2020 | 10.00 – 14.00 CET . Please save the date.

The Danube Participation Day 2020 will present the first draft of the Guidance Paper for Youth Participation in the Danube Region. Against this background, participants will have the opportunity to exchange on possible ways forward in order to boost cooperation and participation of young people and youth initiatives. In doing so, the Danube Participation Day wants to provide a platform to raise awareness of valuable contributions from existing youth initiatives in the region and taking initial steps forward to acknowledge and involve youth in the Danube Region.

With this year`s Danube Participation Day, we want to continue the efforts from the conference in 2019 that marked the kick-off for the draft of the guidance paper.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic the Danube Participation Day will be a virtual event.

In order to participate, your registration is obligatory. Please use the registration form you can find here.

We are looking forward welcoming you at the 7th Danube Participation Day!

The draft program is already accessible below and we will keep updating it on our website with most recent news as well. 

Regular updates are also available at the Website of Priority Area 10 Institutional Capacity and Cooperation at https://capacitycooperation.danube-region.eu/danube-participation-day/.


The 7th Danube Participation Day is organised, financed and supported by

Agapedia Foundation * Danube Civil Society Forum * Danube Transnational Programme | European Union * EUSDR Presidency Croatia *

EUSDR Priority Area 10 Institutional Capacity and Cooperation | City of Vienna * Foster Europe * Staatsministerium Baden-Württemberg * Stiftung Liebenau


Danube Participation Day

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