Centrope_tt (former CENTRIS) is an international experts community for technology transfer and innovation support acting in the bordering regions of Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia - called CENTROPE. The project was begun in January 2009 and is scheduled to end in September 2012.

The main goal of the centrope_tt project is to support transnational cooperations and knowledge transfer between stakeholders in the Centrope region. The project partners establish the centrope_tt voucher to provide access to financial support for 50 transnational science to business collaborations in the bordering regions of Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Centrope_tt voucher is designed to help small and medium sized enterprises in the CENTROPE region to purchase the R&D provider’s expertise to support the innovation of products and processes. The centrope_tt voucher will start as a pilot with 50 cooperation vouchers.

As support service for their target groups in the CENTROPE area, they have developed a website and organised technology transfer events and offer information about best practice in the region.

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