Idea and Vision of dunaVision                                               

The dunaVision initiative is about visioning and creating the future society. We vision an environment where living, working and learning with other like-minded people is fulfilling and fun. We believe that individual people are the source of change. We can and will support our governments and organizations on their efforts for a sustainable development. Our aim is to develop a vital network of like-minded people so that we can all learn from each other about how to create a sustainable future and become active together. A major objective is the vision of an open, boundless co-creation of our sustainable presence and future living, learning and working. This opens up the opportunity to work together on an equal level based on a cross-generational, cross-cultural and cross-sectorial approach. We need all of you as learning partners, we need you to demonstrate to the world, that there are more people who long for the transformation of values and behaviors, we need you for the co-creation and transformation of our society! Please come and join us!

dunaVision – the Caravan of Change 2013

The Caravan of Change full of open minded, future oriented and curious people is moving from March 15th to September 8th from the source of the Danube in the Black Forest, to the Danube Delta at the Black Sea. Core questions during our journey are: How do we want to live, work and learn in future? How can the Danube region be developed in a sustainable way? What is eco-social entrepreneurship and how can it support development in a sustainable way?

For more information please go to: http://dunavision.eu/