Networking for gender equality in European cities

FemCities is concerned with what city and municipal administrations can do to promote women and gender equality. The network supports the exchange of successful models in the field of local and regional women’s policy and enforces the lobbying for equality issues in Europe. Gender equality issues and opportunities for action of municipalities are at the centre of FemCities without neglecting the exchange and transfer of know-how with actors from other fields.

Relevant administrations (on gender equality/equal opportunities/women) in European cities and municipalities are invited to be network partners. They as well as representatives from the academia, the economy and NGOs are welcome to join the network’s activities and to organise and participate in FemCities events.

In the FemCities networking meeting at the 2011 Basel conference the decision was taken to open the network for associate partners other than administrative units of cities and municipalities such as NGOs and administrative units of provinces, federal states or cantons.

Join in! In case you are interested in becoming a FemCities network partner, please contact http://www.femcities.at