Kubus - Model Project Roma

Model project for integration of young Gypsies in Berlin Neukölln.

Integration in the new home - a real challenge if you do not understand the language and does not know the life of the people!

In a unique collaborative project between the Kepler School, the Zuckmayer high school (both Berlin Neukölln ) and the Kubus gGmbH young Sinti and Roma, who were pulled in mid-2010 to Berlin, mainly from Romania, Bosnia - Herzegovina, Macedonia and Poland, learned every Wednesday about the world of work in wood, metal and textile workshops of the Kubus gGmbH. While on other week days they learned German in small classes, specially set up by the Berlin school administration, they had possibility in the workshops of the Kubus gGmbH to attempt practical use in craft work. They got to know more about the world of work, about working with others, to communicate and orient themselves for a future career.

More information about the project here.