The project Quality Education in Romani for Europe (QUALIROM) pilots the Curriculum Framework for Romani (CFR) and the corresponding European Language Portfolio Models (ELPs) which – based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – were developed by the Council of Europe.

The sociocultural situation of Roma differs both between and within single regions. Consequently, the schooling situation of Roma children and their need concerning Romani teaching varies considerably: learners are speaking different varieties with different levels of proficiency and they respectively their parents have different attitudes towards Romani teaching: factors that have been taken into account in the set-up of the project.

The CFR includes the reference levels A1-B2 and although the ELPs were created for learners in primary and lower secondary schools only, QUALIROM also pilots the CFR on upper secondary and tertiary level as well as in further education. Furthermore teacher training modules are developed for all levels of Romani teaching. The implementation on primary and secondary level takes place in up to three schools in Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Slovakia and in the Republic of Serbia as third country participant . Romani courses are offered for students and adult learners at Graz University and are adopted by the partner universities. Activities are realised in close cooperation with local Romani teachers and local as well as national educational authorities. To ensure professional realisation, teachers at all levels are prepared comprehensively for the handling of the CFR and its ELPs by experts of the European Center for Modern languages (ECML).

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