Roma and Travellers

Working with Roma to improve their own lives

There are ten to twelve million Roma and Travellers in Europe spread across practically all the Council of Europe’s member countries. The Council of Europe’s main objective is to encourage its members to take a comprehensive approach to Roma issues. This involves three main priorities - protecting minorities, combating racism, anti-gypsyism and intolerance and preventing social exclusion. One of the fundamental principles guiding this approach is participation of the communities concerned, through Roma and Travellers representatives and associations. Since 1995, the Committee of Experts on Roma and Travellers (MG-S-ROM) has been tasked with advising member states and encouraging international authorities to take action where needed. Its role complements that of the Secretary General’s Co-ordinator of Activities concerning Roma, responsible for promoting co-operation with other relevant international organisations and developing working relations with Roma and Travellers issues organisations. For more information, please download the leaflet of the Roma and Travellers Division (PDF) or visit the News page.

Committee of Experts on Roma and Travellers (MG-S-ROM)

The leaflet (PDF)


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