Roma Service

Task of the association Roma Service is the promotion, preservation and documentation of the culture of the Roma in Burgenland. In the center of activity is the preservation of the novel, the Romani dialect of Burgenland Roma. Roma service that takes care of a range that has a great significance for the future of the ethnic group.

The focal points of Roma education services are therefore  the extension of  roma education and of the roman-lingual text base through publications and translations. The cooperations with the existing Roma associations and organizations at home and also abroad complement the efforts to emancipate the minority group in the national and international context, the latter won by the forthcoming EU enlargement dramatically in importance.

Project sample: RomBus

Rolling classrooms, mobile room for consultation. Through its Data Library Information Center, communications center  - the project RomBus fulfills a number of functions. Especially learning aid, intensive care, counseling in educational matters and novel lessons are available directly in the Roma settlements. From the close contact with parents and teachers as well as from events of school also Roma children outside of Unter- and Oberwart will benefit. RomBus will visit therefore three days a week as per a schedule regularly over 20 villages and towns in Burgenland and Lower Austria.