Romanian Waldorf School

Canon and gold ground. A Romanian Waldorf School brings the art nearer to Roma children.

” Making Worlds ” was the motto of the largest art show of last year, the Biennale in Venice. ” Making Worlds ” was also the theme of the second art project at the Waldorf School which was founded for Roma in Romania’s Rosia. The students living in poverty took part enthusiastically.

To shape their own world of art - in the middle of the lower village of Rosia where one lives in moldered one-room-houses in large families, often without a bed, has its own habitat and of course is no professional artist: That was the concept. To discover themselves in the art making process as creative actors in being aware of one’s own interior as well as outdoor space, to examine autobiographical traces and to reflect on their own value systems, young people in puberty in classes 7 to 10 should deal with with this project. The period of puberty is a particular hurdle in learning biography of the Roma in Rosia dar. Parallel to great mental and physical breaks the young people 14-15 years are already dealing with marriage and family formation. They often show little interest in a school. Violence, environmental issues, social disadvantage and future concerns determine their worldview.

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