Rombase offers information on the socio-cultural and socio-historical situation of the Roma, a European nation without its own state, whose members are commonly known by the pejorative denomination of “gypsies”. By presenting well-researched material, Rombase will contribute to the decrease of prejudice and thus help combat stigmatization and discrimination. It furthermore aims at improving the educational situation of the Roma by giving them an opportunity to seriously deal with their own culture and history.

Rombase has been carried out with the support of the European Community in the framework of the Sokrates programme (87757-CP-1-2000-1-AT-Comenius-C2) and in cooperation with the Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences. The Austrian activities are financed by measures for the advancement of minority groups by the Federal Chancellery (Gefördert aus Mitteln der Volksgruppenförderung). The Slovene activities are supported by the Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office in Ljubljana.

On the Rombase website next to well organised useful information (Rombase Data overview on Romani history and culture in form of an illustrated encyclopedia)  you can find a Rombase Pedagogics area which guarantees a meaningful pedagogic and didactic use of the material, offering both a handbook and training modules for teachers and Roma mediators as well asRombase Games which offer computer games available in several Romani varieties.

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