Verein Roma Oberwart

The Roma Association Oberwart

The club was founded in Oberwartn on 15 July 1989, as first Roma organization in Austria to improve the often unsatisfactory life situation of Roma in Austria by:
• questioning prejudices and actively doing for their degradation,
• the promotion of children and youth in school and in leisure education fields,
• promoting the cultural exchange between Roma and non-Roma
• integrating of Roma into society with strives to maintain their own culture.

An important aim of the association was the acknowledgement of the Roma as a distinct ethnic group by the Austrian government in 1993, however until socialacknowledgement is still a long, hard road. This goes back again until our recent history, the assassination of Oberwart 1995. The Roma are the largest ethnic group in Europe. Our ethnic group work differs substantially from other ethnic group works. In addition to the cultural work, a significant part of our group working  is to improve the poor living conditions of the Roma - many still living on the poverty line (WIFO study , 2005). Through our work, we try hard to provide information and education, but many planned projects fail at the lack of adequate resources.

For more information please visit theassociation´s website.