CIVICUS’ 2013: Enabling Environment Index

Governments failing to create favourable conditions for civil society – CIVICUS report

A new index published on 23 September by the global civil society network, CIVICUS, shows that many governments around the world are failing to keep their promise to create an environment that allows citizens to mobilise and participate in civil society. Evidence from around the world suggests that the conditions for civil society are far from perfect. The CIVICUS `Enabling Environment Index’(EEI) is the first rigorous attempt to measure and compare the conditions that affect the potential of citizens to participate in civil society. It ranks the governance, socio-cultural and socio-economic environments for civil society in 109 countries.

CIVICUS, World Alliance for Citizen Participation, is an international alliance dedicated to strengthen citizen action and civil society throughout the world. It has worked for nearly two decades especially in areas, where participatory democracy and citizens’ freedom of association are threatened.

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